Technology Solutions

Australian livestock saleyards operate within a complex economic, environmental and regulatory framework. Innovation is crucial to the future success of saleyards and Outcross Systems believes technology is the key to innovation.

Outcross Systems provides the portfolio of Stockyard and Livestock Exchange software products to over 90 saleyards and 590 Agencies across Australia.

Outcross Systems solutions are developed on a industry standards basis. We listen to customers and study best practice in livestock management technology from around the world. We combine the skills of experts across the industry, thought-leaders in management practice and our local, in-house development team.

What We Do

Working across sectors means Outcross Systems clients benefit from the continuous quality improvement in sale operation, and innovations are shared across sites.

Outcross Systems draws on the synergies between it’s strategic consulting, practical sales operations, and cutting edge technology. Each informs the other, and improvements are shared and implemented on a weekly basis. It’s the TEAM principle: Together, everyone achieves more.

Synergy happens because we all understand the overall objective.  Our people are personally committed to keep improving what we do. We leverage technology at every level. And we love what we do.

It also means that clients benefit from working with a holistic system. With Outcross Systems, the buck stops here. When issues arise, we can solve them with one phone call. We’re committed to resolving issues, not pointing fingers.


NVD entry is completed as stock arrive, enabling the vendor lots to be entered and balanced at the draft. Early balancing enables agents to balance their run up to 14 hours earlier. Outcross Systems tablet and smart phone software allows NLIS tags to be scanned early and moved with a lot as stock are shuffled in the run.


Outcross Systems mobile device options have revolutionised NLIS compliance in sheep and cattle saleyards providing major efficiency gains.


Weighing speeds improve as sale data is already entered and checked before cattle reach the scales. E-clerking reduce delays by allowing a choice of weighing order. Lot recognition enables out-of-order weighing and therefore improved weighing throughput.

Sale Balancing

Rapid data dissemination means agents, vendors and buyers can resolve any paperwork discrepancies and balance the sale before they leave for the day. E-Clerking allows buyers to sign off immediately when they have completed buying stock.

Product Range

STOCKYARD - Outcross Systems premier saleyard and agency software system

The STOCKYARD platform is a cutting edge, user friendly software system that offers saleyards and agents increased sale management and administration efficiency.  STOCKYARD collects and provides access to all sale data in real time via mobile devices.  Our Agency solutions include an accounting capability, advanced charge management for different sales types, and integration with other industry requirements.

STOCKYARD is your solution to effectively manage your enture selling system.

Other products in the Outcross Systems stable include:

Saleyard Plus is a user-friendly software system that offers saleyards a practical, easy to use, fully integrated software solution. Saleyard Plus facilitates “seamless” data transfer from the yard to the office, and to and from the NLIS Database

Saleyard LE predominantly performs post-sale functions such as NLIS transfers (Cattle, Sheep & Goats), used in the scale-house to weigh cattle, performing post-sale reconciliations, calculating yard fees and producing post-sale reports such as the Buyer Invoice, Post-Sale Summary and Buyer Reconciliation.

LE Clerk is the companion product to our saleyard software that facilitates lot creation, captures EIDs and clerks a sale on a mobile device. LE Clerk provides the following benefits:

  • Real-time online / offline capability over a wireless network
  • Seamless data synchronisation with your saleyard database
  • Supported on multiple mobile devices
  • Bluetooth connectivity with scanners
  • Electronic Sale Clerking
  • Split lots and interlotting during the sale
  • Lot Creation and EID scanning
  • EID Draft Scanning (single scan process)
  • EID Vendor / Buyer scanning (two scan process)

Provides the complete package for Agents to manage Stud, Livestock or Clearing sales providing the following benefits:

  • Security over your data
  • Fast sale data entry
  • Multiple workstations
  • On the spot invoicing
  • Instant Buyer Registration
  • NLIS Compliant
  • Easy to apply fees
  • Enhanced reports
  • Multiple payment methods