STOCKBOOK Release Notes

Outcross Systems are embarking on an exciting phase of development to renew our technology platform and products from our base of industry leadership. 

 We are investing in people and technology to ensure that we continue to be your trusted provider of technology solutions for your business.

 Release notes are part of that development, and here you will find a list of our updates.

Stockbook 2022.1.9 Patch Notes (November 2023)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with the Indicator/Pointer arrow disappearing from the Animals Main Display Table

Stockbook 2022.1.8 Patch Notes (October 2023)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Bug report error 5006: The bookmark specified has not been set. Bookmark key sizes are not the same.
  • Fixed an issue when Selecting Animals multiple animals and then sorting the animals list
  • Updated the Animal Sort List to sort using ID1 as the secondary sort criteria under other matching sort conditions
  • Fixed an issue with treatment Batch and dosage mls not showing in Handled Animals within Live Entry

Stockbook 2022.1.7 Patch Notes (September 2023)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with Status Dates changing to 30/12/1899 when Syncing Animals under some circumstances

Stockbook 2022.1.6 Patch Notes (August 2023)


  • Added compatibility with Sheep Genetics MERINOSELECT Research Indexes
  • Improved the speed of loading the animal list
  • Added new option for Rinstrum X320 scales in Live Entry

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with syncing images
  • Fixed an issue with the backup database comment
  • Fixed an issue loading the semen inventory list
  • Fixed an issue with importing carcass values
  • Fixed an issue with the Stock Reconciliation Report animal counts
  • Fixed an issue loading some reports

Stockbook 2022.1.4 Patch Notes (June 2023)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issues relating to performing joinings
  • Resolved issues with renaming an animal’s primary ID
  • Resolved issues that occurred in some circumstances relating to deleting animals
  • Optimised carcase data import processes to handle files without prices

Stockbook 2022.1.3 Release Notes (May 2023)

Major Updates:

  • Made Improvements to Performance and Useability of Live Entry
    • Fixed issue that caused a crash when editing a live entry template
    • Fixed an issue with retaining fields when typing a visual Id to select an animal
    • Fixed issues with batch numbers in ‘Add Animal Template’
    • Improved connectivity with Yards Tech scales when performing auto drafting
    • Added the ability to add a joining to an ET program in Live Entry
    • Added the ability to implant an embryo in Live Entry
    • Added a new embryo window in Live Entry
  • Updated Embryo Transfer Module
    • Enhanced the ET Module with options for managing IVF
    • Added an option to the Bulk Joinings screen to add a joining to an ET program
    • Added the option to enter your own Embryo Id prefix when adding embryos
    • Improved access to the Purchase and Sale details by displaying them on the Embryo screen
    • Improved access to the ET Module by moving all options to the toolbar
    • Improved embryo filtering options
    • Improved embryo purchase & sale details view
    • Updated embryo and recipient status workflows
  • Updated Semen Inventory
    • Added an option to mark a semen batch as ‘Collected’ or ‘Purchased’
    • Added the optional field for ‘Practitioner’
    • Added a notes column in Semen Inventory and Embryo Inventory
    • Added the ability to add a new sire from the batch screen
    • Added a detail columns and sale information to the semen inventory list
    • Added a total line to the semen inventory list
    • Fixed an issue with Semen inventory closing the animal list on exit

Other Changes:

  • Added system logging to Stockbook update procedures
  • Increased the size of the animal colour field
  • Updated the Trading Report grouping
  • Improved status changes to preg testing in Live Entry
  • Improved data export process to include 2 decimal places for Weights, Scanning and Traits
  • Updated the Carcase.dat csv file export to match the latest Breedplan format
  • Improved backup procedures for databases larger than 4GB

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue on Embryo screen Error when adding new Recipient Dams
  • Fixed issue in the utility menu when running ‘Delete Duplicate EBVs’
  • Fixed issue with the DNA Test Request form refreshing
  • Fixed issue with invalid message about table MULTDAM during upgrade process
  • Fixed message box workflow when removing a Dam from an animal
  • Fixed issues with access violation errors when printing reports and exporting them to CSV
  • Fixed issues with the ‘Status Date’ changing incorrectly against pedigree animals
  • Fixed issues with syncing some specific data points
  • Fixed issues with assigning paddocks when creating new animals
  • Fixed a calculation issue with the ‘Stock Reconciliation’ report
  • Fixed notification messages when importing SG files
  • Fixed issue with importing the correct sire and dam from SG files