Software for cattle and sheep producers

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 Stockbook provides you with the data you need to meet your business objectives.


Stockbook software saves you time and money. Quickly and easily identify the best performers in your mobs based on data analysis mixed with your experience and judgment. Stockbook has a platform relevant to the small, boutique, seedstock producer through to the large, multi-site, commercial operator. Stockbook, in combination with Live Entry and the Stockhand mobile app spans your operation from paddock to yard to office with a pricing option that fits your need. 

Outcross Systems’ range of hardware provides your one-stop location for integrated data collection.


While Stockbook software saves you time and money, any cost saving might easily be eroded by having the wrong hardware set up. We will work with you to optimise your set-up to meet your business constraints, budget and objectives. 

Livestock Management Hardware

Our hardware offerings cover a range of accessories and items to ensure ease of set-up and streamline your data capture sessions.